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Why does html2ps fail on any complex site?  Find out what the problem is.

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Given an HTML page take a snapshot and transform it into a PDF document. Allow the user to download the file.

Since this service has already been released, can I download an open source version of the tool?


Perhaps, I can.

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A new bug in rhythmbox

This sucks. I believe that there is a way to improve the RhythmBox method of updating Play Count. At present, this number is only incremented during the equivelent of a findNextSong() method. However, if I were to only hear the last 3 seconds of a song, I should ask myself, did I _really_ just hear that song? The answer I believe is No! I frequently will play a track 75% through, I believe that at that point, credit must be given to Play Count. As such, the Play Count should be increased if and only if the total sum of play time is atleast 75% of the track.

Play Count should be a modifiable field.  For instance, I left my computer running playing the same song on loop the entire day on mute.  The Play Count has accumulated to 1089. Uhh... can I back that up?

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