It’s about time that I registered my own domain name. I mean, by the time I turn 50 there may possibly be quite a bit of people named “Matt Kowalczyk” and I’m going to be greedy here and plant myself before somebody else does. Nonetheless, since you now know my name, welcome to my blog. For some time, I’ve been using this tool to keep track of thoughts I’ve been having revolving mostly around computers. But, I have aquired a few hobbies under my belt which I could share with everyone here. For instance, photography. Who doesn’t want to see some amaturish pictures of my surroundings?! Oh yeah, and can’t forget to mention an amazing phenomenon known as reading for fun? That was never a possibility during school. I picked up the Bourne books, waaayyyyy tighter than the movie. So stop sitting on your ass watching TV this summer and learn some new vocabulary and expand your imagination. I’m off to reading about David Webb stabbing fools in the neck with a brass letter opener. Damn.