How to Skip Pandora Commercials

Pandora has extremely intrusive commercials that are repetitive and at times extremely annoying. Most likely this is the case because I’m so tuned into my favorite song that I get excited with anticipation of what the next awesome song will follow. But, instead it’s a commercial and my experience is ruined. So, I’ve discovered a rather crude but effective method of skipping these commercials.

If you’re sitting at your computer and Pandora decides to interrupt your play with a commercial either during station play or when switching between stations, simply force your browser to refresh the Pandora website. On most browsers this can be initiated by pressing the F5 key. When the site reloads, Pandora plays the next track, immediately. I find this method especially useful when switching between Pandora stations to skip those really annoying video commercials.

As an added bonus, this same ability can be used to circumvent Pandora’s skip limitation! Quite often Pandora plays a series of just terrible songs that quickly exhaust my skip limit. When Pandora prompts you that your skip limit has been exhausted, refresh the website to continue your listening pleasure.

Now, you can enjoy that next song you were anticipating and unlimited Pandora skips!