Flashing LSI SAS9211-8i to IT-mode

I recently purchased a couple LSI SAS9211-8i from Ebay and needed to flash them to IT-mode. The system that I used to flash the card used UEFI and required some esoteric steps to perform the flash operation.

First, a bootable USB stick is needed… maybe? I’m not sure if UEFI requisite bootable sticks or just a FAT32 formatted device. I didn’t test this.

Also needed are,

Extract and copy both of these to the root directory of the USB stick.

Insert the USB stick and boot into the bulit-in EFI shell. This was selected by accessing the boot menu (pressing F11 during BIOS initialization on my motherboard). In this shell, we need to identified the USB device. The command map –b was helpful. This identified my USB stick as device 0. To flash the card I then issued,

$ fs0:
$ dir
$ sas2flash.efi -o -e 6
$ sas2flash.efi -o -f 2118it.bin -b mptsas2.rom

And that’s it. These are just my high-level notes for what’s needed. There are some great resources online that dive into these steps in additional details. I found the following helpful:

  • https://www.ixsystems.com/community/threads/how-to-flash-lsi-9211-8i-using-efi-shell.50902/
  • https://nguvu.org/freenas/Convert-LSI-HBA-card-to-IT-mode/ (for non-UEFI, flashed using FreeDOS)