ubuntu fiesty 7.04 flash

Okay, so I finally decided to scrap FC7 off my new system. It all started when I wanted to install PasswordSafe and I couldn’t because of gcj. Anyway, I had to go about and install a newer version of Java and just said, forget it. Thought to myself that it’s about time that I try a different distribution. So, since so many of my friends have been having success with Ubuntu, I decided to give it another go. I used it in the past but wasn’t patient enough to learn about the debian packages and decided to use FC again. Now that all hope is lost, Ubuntu is on my main system at the moment. Specifically, a 64-bit version.

There are certain things that I need working on my desktop. One of those, is of course, Flash. We’re all big fans of YouTube and 64 bit flavors of Firefox have troubles running Flash. I’m sure that there are a bunch of solutions to this problem, but since I just solved it a few minutes ago after stumbling through a bunch of complicated solutions, I want to save you the troubles.

Installing Flash on Ubuntu 7.04 AMD64

Nuff said.